Let’s collab.

Are you looking for an opportunity to be a part of Boston’s growing startup and entrepreneur community, where you’ll be a part of fun, engaging and kick-ass events? Do you want your brand to be in front of a growing community of emerging startups and founders, investors, business professionals and other passionate and spirited people in the Boston area? Yeah, I thought you would. Our Sponsor + Partner Program is probably for you then!


Here’s a few ways we can collab!


Launch your new Startup, Product or Service with us!


* Depends on available event space and what is being showcased. ** Drinks don’t include alcohol, unless provided by the venue or you and abides by the venue’s alcohol policy. We do no operate an independent liquor license.


The Opportunity

As our growing commitment to offering unique, fun and inspiring startup events, resources and services, we see this as an opportunity to share this growth with partners that would like to benefit and connect with our community!

We definitely want to give flexibility and accessibility to our opportunities. So with this is mind, we have a few options for collaborating with Founder+Co and reaching and impacting our community with your brand.

Right now, Founder+Co is primarily event driven, but with plans to grow into a larger resource and service platform. After only being founded 4 months ago, Founder+Co has grown to almost 800 community members.

Providing value to our community and the larger Boston' startup landscape is our goal. Our ambitions are high and we try to set a new standard with every event we have. Our last big event on May 22nd was live streamed and hosted at WeWork for Founders to pitch their startups to a panel of investors in a Shark Tank style format. We were successful in attracting over 100 attendees, with 45 additional people that tuned in and interacted through the live stream with positive reception and media coverage feedback. Our events average a 50-55% RSVP turnout rate, with plenty of returning faces, event after event. Our plans for this summer’s events and beyond are even bigger!

The community is diverse and consists of a mix of Founders and startup team members, creatives, developers/software engineers, scientists, investors, skilled professionals, media and press, networking pros and people curious about starting, joining or helping grow a startup.


Who we are

Founder+Co is Boston’s newest event, resource and creative service platform for startups and founders to start, grow, learn, connect and explore. It’s for those who seek to change the world. For the idea makers to explore their imagination. For skilled and experienced nomads to express their brilliance. For curious wanders looking for a path to greatness. Because once together, truly anything is possible.

See Founder+Co as place as a hub for greatness. A resource for Pre-Seed to Series C and beyond founders to start, grow and become. Our goal is to empower founders with the tools, resources and platform to change the world. We do this with our unique events, our upcoming resource platform and our community of passionate founders, investors and skilled and experienced talent.

More importantly though, this is a place for support and fun. Having a startup is tough. It’s one of the toughest things in the world. We want Founders to know that we’re here for them. This is a place for Founders to feel comfortable with. A place where Founders can lean on the community for help. And ultimately a place to unwind, relax and have some some. Because the only way we can truly change the world…is together.

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