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Interested in Pitching to Investors?

Please fill out the form below to be eligible to pitch. We will be selecting 7 startups to have the opportunity to pitch to investors. The selected startups will be notified by email with guidelines for pitching. Each startup will have 5 minutes to pitch, plus 5 minutes of investor Q&A.

All startups looking to pitch must submit their pitch deck to Founder+Co at least 4 days before the event. Don’t worry, we’ll send out a reminder email. This is to allow seamless presentations and cut down on setup time between pitches. We respect your privacy and all pitch decks will not be shared in any manner other than during the event. All confidential information is property of yours and yours alone.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

*** In order to be considered for investor pitching, the investors are interested in seeing a pitch deck with at least the following information:

1. Founders/Team
2. What Problem Your Startup Is Solving
3. Your Product or Service
4. Competitors / Competitive advantage
5. Information on Your Market

6. Business Model / Marketing Strategy
7. Raising Amount / Allocation
8. Startup Milestones

*** A pitch deck with 10 slides or less would be ideal ***


Thanks and we look forward to seeing you pitch!

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