A place for founders to change the world.


Start. Grow. Connect. Learn.

Founder+Co is an event, resource and service platform for startups and founders to start, grow, learn, connect and explore. It’s for those who seek to change the world. For the idea makers to explore their imagination. For skilled and experienced nomads to express their brilliance. For curious wanders looking for a path to greatness. Because once together, truly anything is possible.

See this place as a hub for greatness. A resource for Idea-Stage to Series C and beyond founders to start, grow and become. Our goal is to empower founders with the tools, resources and platform to change the world. We do this with our unique events, resource platform and our community of passionate founders, investors and talent.

More importantly though, this is a place for support and fun. Having a startup is tough. It’s one of the toughest things in the world. Just know that we’re here for you. Let this be a place you feel comfortable with. A place where you can lean on the community for help. Because the only way we can truly change the world…is together.

So buckle up, have fun and let’s do this!


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